The Father Of Witches​/​The Father Of Evil Witches

by Goryl

  • Cassette

    Medusa Crush Recordings presents a special offering from the drone force Goryl, in the limited version cassette of his first two releases: "The Father of Witches" and "The Father of Evil Witches". Each album is assigned to a side of a 76 min. BASF Chrome tape for the highest quality sound.

    At a single press of 77 copies (and never to be done again), this cassette additionally contains the previously web-only version of 'The Shaman's Speech' as well. It all comes wrapped in a limited pattern run, hand-made Japanese Chiyogami paper, and with a 3" x 5" patch of the cover in gold on black; again, exclusively available with this release.

    ships out within 5 days
    edition of 77 

      $12 CAD or more 



"The whole double album has a consistent tone and sound, sounding as though it was recorded in one lethargic sitting. Its heaviness comes from its insistence, intensity and repetition. The guitar is distorted and fuzzy but not huge – it’s spindly and spidery, wiry and menacing. There are hints of country, blues, psyche and doom but it is none of these… or is it all of them? It has a slightly sloppy, stoned, one-take feel. Which is nice. And the lack of info about the anonymous Goryl only adds to its tumbleweed strewn mystery."
- The Midlands Rocks

"... it’s likely this record will set someone into a fit of madness (and maybe that was Goryl’s intention). But at the same time, the simplicity of the record is one of its major strengths. It’s nothing but rock music stripped down to its bare essentials, feeling like pure, rudimentary heavy metal to take some psychedelics and talk to the spirits with. And none of that pretentious La Monte Young shit."
- Metal Blast

"Goryl’s musical work so far is utterly transfixing, from each lonely desolate pluck of the guitar string to the next downturned soul wrenching note, you find yourself totally overcome with a sense of being, it’s not a sound which uplifts or necessarily makes you think, but rather a sound which keeps you static, aware of the darkness and decay around you, embracing death as much as life itself.

Goryl is heavy, other-worldly, and vital."
- Heavy Planet


released April 6, 2015

All compositions and artwork by Goryl.



Medusa Crush Recordings Toronto, Ontario

Small one-man run D.I.Y. boutique label of heavy and hard musics (plural), to heavy people. Located at this time in Toronto, On. Canada. Will be giving the North a touch of what it's missing.

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